Oak framed coffee table stools

Gather the family around a beautiful oak framed coffee table. Made locally in the UK from Oak and finished in a range of colours including Light Oak, Dark Oak, Weathered Oak, Wenge and Black. These oak stools are available in two sizes which are 94 x 94cm, and 127 x 76cm. The stunning turned legs are joined with strong, solid oak rails with are expertly crafted.

Choose your own fabric to create an amazing combination. We have lots of fabric types available including velvet, Cotton, wool and tartan. These fabrics can be used on a plain top, shallow buttoned, or deep buttoned top.

Oak framed coffee table


Oak turned legs

Oak turned legs

Shallow Buttoned oak framed Coffee table

Shallow Buttoned oak framed Coffee table

Deep Buttoned oak framed Coffee table

Deep Buttoned Coffee Table – wooden frame

Large wooden trays and large ottoman trays

Large wooden trays and large ottoman trays

Our large wooden trays are handmade in the UK and polished in a range of colours. The are very well made and have become a very popular option for use on large footstools.
We currently stock:
Large Black Wooden Trays
Large Dark Oak Wooden Trays
Large Light Oak Wooden Trays
Large Wenge Wooden Trays
Large Charcoal Wooden Trays
Large Silver Wooden Trays
We have four large sizes which are perfect for large footstools and ottomans. We can also make large bespoke wooden trays so they can fit perfectly on your footstool.
Our large wooden trays are a great alternative to a full wooden coffee table. A tray can be used occasionally or pushed to the back of the footstool so you can put your feet up. The tray can be used to create a focal point on your footstool or ottoman with a vase of flowers, or to keep books, ornaments or photographs.
A large wooden tray can work very well as a games board for chess, monopoly or other games you and your family may enjoy playing together.
The footstool and tray combo is a very popular choice and they work very well together. The footstool can have matching legs to tie in with your tray colour too.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Large wooden trays and large ottoman trays.

http://www.footstoolsandmore.co.uk/footstool-traysLarge Wooden Tray

Metal Framed Footstools

Metal Framed footstools

We now offer metal framed footstools in standard sizes and also bespoke sizes. The metal frames are expertly made and available in standard Charcoal and Black, with different colours on request.

These metal framed stools and ottomans offer a contemporary, minimal style for your home with clean lines. The frames are versatile and can be used with plain or buttoned tops. These footstools are available in any fabric or leather, along with your own fabric or from our designer fabric suppliers.

The Munich is a metal framed cube footstool with four shallow buttons. The Frankfurt is a metal framed bench or footstool that may work well as a hallway bench or end of bed bench. The Hamburg and Stuttgart styles are plain top footstools with the metal frame. The Dortmund and Hanover have deep buttoned tops.

All our metal framed footstools, cube footstools and bench footstools are made to order, all locally in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Please get in touch for more information or advice about our metal framed footstools. Free fabric samples are available and Delivery is Free on all our footstools and accessories.













Bespoke footstools and made to measure sizes

At Footstools & More all our products are made to order. Each and every footstool is handmade to order in the dedicated workshop, and for a particular customer. If you were to pay a visit to the workshop, you wouldn’t see stacks of similar footstools collecting dust, waiting for someone to place an order for them. You’d see a vibrant range of designs, colours and patterns. You might think this bespoke approach would be prohibitive, but the costs are very competitive and similar to high street stores.
All our homes are different shapes and sizes and it’s sometimes impossible to find the perfect footstool or ottoman that fits just where you want it. Talk to us about a bespoke or made to measure footstool and we will send you all the information and costs.
If you are an interior designer our flexible approach to making footstools and furniture may lend itself perfectly your project requirements. We work with lots of Interior designers, architects and project managers on small and large projects.
We can make very small footstools to fit in odd gaps which would usually be left unused. Small footstools can also work well in smaller homes or flats’s where every inch counts. Alternatively, we have had the pleasure of making extra large footstools for large homes in bespoke sizes.
If you have a bespoke footstool requirement please get in touch for more information, advice, fabric ideas or just a chat.


Storage ottoman with piping

Storage ottoman with piping

Storage Ottoman end of bed

Storage Ottoman end of bed

Madrid Square footstool

Madrid Square footstool

Large Tartan Footstools and Table stools

Create your perfect large tartan coffee table with Footstools & More. We have a selection of styles and sizes and we are able to create bespoke styles and sizes. All our large tartan footstools are handmade to order in our Yorkshire workshop from start to finish.

There are hundreds of tartan fabrics and wools to choose from and we have many suppliers we can source fabrics from on your behalf.
Wool tartan footstools are the most popular and we source these wools from Abraham Moons and Art of the loom as well as other suppliers. We only use high quality fabrics and materials.

We make all our wooden frames to order and ensure they are well made and strong enough for everyday use. Bespoke Large tartan footstools are very popular and we can make any size in a plain or buttoned style.

Buttoned tartan footstools and buttoned tartan coffee tables do work well. The traditional technique of deep buttoning and the tartan pattern make a great combination.


Square Tartan Coffee Table

Large Tartan Footstool

Large Tartan Footstool

Rectangular Tartan coffee table

Rectangular Tartan coffee table

New website!

New website now live!

Check out our new website for new products, fabrics, legs. We have been working on our new website for a while and have taken time to ensure we are offering the largest collection of quality footstools and ottomans.

We now offer 192 fabric options for your footstool, including cotton linens, chenille velvets, Italian velvet, leather, wool and textured fabric. We also offer the option of providing your own fabric and we provide a fire retardancy service to ensure your fabric is fire proof. If you would like to use a designer fabric we have around 30 links on our website so you can browse lots of designs for your footstool or ottoman.

We now offer 9 free fabric samples so you can check that your choices before you order your new footstool.

Our collection of footstool styles has grown and all our footstools are now named to make it easier to choose your preferred footstool style. We have a varied collection of small footstools, bench stools, pouffes, storage footstools and ottomans, leather footstools, buttoned footstools and large footstools. We also separate our footstools into shape such as square footstools, circular footstools and rectangular footstools.

Drum stools

Drum stools and circular footstools are a small but versatile piece of furniture. Available in a range of sizes and heights so they can work in any home or commercial environment.

Short drum pouffes make the perfect foot rest, are can be moved easily into position in front of a sofa or chair. Short drum stools can also be stored away under a table when not in use.

Tall Drum stools can be used for footstools, but work really well as a seat. A tall circular stool can be useful in any room of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, conservatory or even the bathroom. Their circular shape makes them easier to fit into smaller spaces and corners.

Drum stools are small so you can make a statement with a colourful footstool or patterned seat. These small stools won’t take over the room but can add some colour and interest to the room design.

Drum stools and circular footstools can be made with piping in the same fabric, or a contrasting fabric. You can also add buttons to the top of the stool. These extra features can make the simple drum stool a really fun or stylish feature in the scheme.

If you require drum stools or seating stools for waiting rooms or business offices we can help. Available in a range of colours and fabrics to suit your business style or corporate colours. Together with seating cubes these can provide a stylish, functional and impressive seating solution.

Visit www.footstoolsandmore.co.uk for more ideas, information and free samples.

Pouffes and Buttoned pouffes

Pouffes are a great way to put your feet up in the hot weather. Whether it be a fabric pouffe or a leather pouffe we have something for everyone. Pouffes are available in a variety of sizes and heights. Depending on it’s use a pouffe can be used as a foot rest, a small side table or coffee table.

If you need extra storage a storage pouffe is an excellent way to hide away those everyday bits and bobs. These storage pouffes can be used in the living room, conservatory and bedrooms for a variety of storage needs for books, magazines, iPad, toys, knitting, DVD’s, photo albums and more.

Our buttoned and deep buttoned pouffes are very popular. A deep buttoned pouffe can be a beautiful addition to your home, elegant, hand crafted and high quality. If you would like a buttoned pouffe there are a variety of fabric and leather options, including a large collection of leg styles to choose from.

Cube footstools

Footstool cubes…fabric cubes and leather cubes are the small and versatile seating option/pouffe/side table. The cube footstool can make a handy extra seat for when guests come to visit, an extra seat at the dining table or of course a foot rest so you can put your feet up at the end of the day!

Leather cubes are very popular and are very hard wearing. They can wipe clean, and are popular with families with children and pets.

Footstool cubes are very strong and robust so will stand the knocks from everyday life

Fabric and leather cubes also work well in smaller homes as they are small compact and versatile. Cubes are also available as storage cubes, which make them extra handy to store away all those bits and pieces.

Storage ottomans and storage footstools

Storage ottomans and storage footstools are excellent ways to combine comfort, style and storage. We have a large range of storage footstools including buttoned storage, leather storage, deep storage, storage bench stools which double up as seating and large storage table stools. 

The storage lids can be a plain top or deep buttoned, which adds even more elegance and are the perfect focal point for any room in your home.

Storage ottomans can keep all the things you need out of sight, and are ideal for bedding, clothes, toys, dvds, books and all the everyday things you need close to hand – but like to keep tidy.

Storage ottomans are storage footstools come in a range of fabrics and leather, including a great choice of wooden and chrome legs.

If you need any help choosing your storage footstool please get in touch.

Coffee table stools

Coffee table stools and large ottomans are a very popular addition to the home. Large footstools offer a focal point and can be used as a coffee table stool, a table for drinks, books and more.

Coffee table table stools and large ottomans are available in many styles including a plain top and also deep buttoned. Deep buttoned table stools and ottomans are luxurious and can work in both traditional and modern homes. Deep buttoned ottomans are also available with storage for all those everyday things that we like to tidy away. Deep buttoned storage ottomans can store toys, books, magazines, games, iPad, laptop and lots more.

Leather coffee table ottomans and leather coffee table stools will last many years and are very hard wearing. From black leather, brown leather, white leather and coloured leather – leather table stools are perfect for families with children and pets, but also look very stylish.

Brown leather ottomans and brown leather coffee table stools are the most popular range and suit a variety of homes and decorations. Brown leather can work well with other leather furniture and also other fabric ottomans and fabric footstools.

Ottomans and Storage ottomans

By definition an ottoman is a low upholstered seat or footstool without a back or arms that typically serves also as a box, with the seat hinged to form a lid. The beginning of the year is a popular time to look for extra storage for those christmas presents and also a time to refresh decoration and have a sort out in the home.

Our Storage ottomans are available in a range of sizes, styles, fabrics, leather and legs. We use slow closing hinges on our larger storage ottoman to keep those fingers safe and to stop the large lid slamming shut on the ottoman.

Our buttoned ottomans are very popular and provide a beautiful focal point in any room, from storage bench stools to extra large storage ottomans.

Ottomans don’t have to be large, they can come in the form of a small storage cube. This leather storage cube offers an extra seat and also valuable extra storage for a laptop, iPad, remotes, books, magazines and more.

Our leather ottomans are built to last, from the strong wooden frame to the hard wearing leather. These ottomans will be around for a long time and are perfect for families or people who need lots of storage.

Storage ideas:

Hidden Library of books or magazines
All your shoes on view
Crafts & Knitting
Photo Albums
CD’s DVD’s


houzz interior design ideas

Coffee Table footstool board games

Our large table stool and bench stool came in handy this christmas to put our feet up, trays of drink and board games. A large table stool is a great focal point for a room and all the family can gather round and use it.

Here’s the large coffee table stool available to buy from our website

Here’s the bench stool

All our footstools are available in a range of sizes and styles including deep buttoned footstools, with a choice of fabrics, leathers and legs

Large Deep buttoned bench stool

Here’s a large deep buttoned bench stool we’ve been working on recently. Covered in a soft blue Romo fabric this elegant and comfortable bench stool was made for the end of a bed. Deep buttoned and finished with piping and dark mahogany legs.

Still time…

There’s still time to order a Small Footstool for christmas or maybe a Large Storage Ottoman to keep all those presents from Santa!

If you would like to know more about footstools&more we’ve got lots of information about our background and product guarantee here.

Coffee Table Stools

One of our most popular stools is the Coffee Table Stool and these are generally large, low standing pieces of furniture. We have a range of styles and sizes – along with a great choice of fabrics, leathers and legs. A Coffee Table Stool is a great alternative to the traditional wooden coffee table.

Available in plain, buttoned and deep-buttoned styles or Coffee Table Stool can offer comfort, elegance and a beautiful focal point to your room. The coffee table style is ideal to keep your magazines, books, laptop, iPad, to play cards, board games and of course put a tray of drinks on.

If you need extra storage a Coffee Table Storage Ottoman is the perfect choice. Today, we have lots of ‘things’ that we need to have available but don’t want to keep out on view. Books, laptop, toys, photo albums, knitting and more! Our Coffee Table Storage Ottomans have slow closing lids to keep those fingers safe and we can also add a latch or lock.

Circular Coffee Table Stools have recently become quite popular. They can be plain, buttoned, deep-buttoned and the circular storage ottoman can also have a removable lid.

Here’s some of our large Coffee Table Stools:
Coffee Table Stools

Leather Footstools

With the smell and feel of real leather comes a luxurious Deep Buttoned Leather Table Stool. The Dark Brown Mustang aged leather is hand-crafted into beautiful pleats which would make a stunning focal point in any home. Leather footstools are very versatile and can suit a traditional or modern home.

We have a large range of leather footstools and ottomans. Our brown leather footstools are very popular as they offer a warm, traditional feel. A leather footstool will last a very long time if treated well and is perfect for a busy family home with children and pets.

What’s your perfect leather footstool? A textured Brown leather Table Stool? A sleek Black leather ottoman or maybe a bolder colour such as Poppy or Aubergine? Hopefully our range of styles, leathers and colours will give you some inspiration.