An Ottoman footstool offers ultimate versatility and comfort. From acting as a footrest to a coffee table and an extra seat, it is a must-have. Since there are many different styles, adding Ottomans is effortless. They will definitely find a spot in your living room, offices, bedrooms and even washrooms.

You can always play it safe and opt for a standard Ottoman. These have a traditional structure and blend well with all types of decors. The cushioned top and rectangular or square shape offer ample space. The classic Ottomans lend elegance to your aesthetics.

However, most traditional Ottomans are large and bulky. If you are looking for something sleek that fits in small spaces, cube Ottomans are just the right fit. You can use these as a seat at dressing tables, bedsides, or porches. A cube Ottoman by the entrance offers guests a comfortable seat as they put on/take off their shoes.

Next, there are pouffe Ottomans - these are the epitome of comfort and chic. Alternatively, known as bean bag Ottomans, these puffed structures usually do not have a skeleton and are filled with soft materials. For ultimate comfort place these near the couch or armchair and rest your weary feet after a long day.

Finally, ditch the boring coffee tables and add an oomph to your living room with cocktail Ottomans. These can be slightly experimental for some, but you can never go wrong. Some interior designers also refer to these as coffee table Ottomans. They are large and usually round-shaped. But why substitute a table with an Ottoman?

Firstly, it is not a mainstream choice, so you'll likely stand out, and your home will be the talk of the town for quite some time. Next, you can match the coffee table with the couch's texture, colour and design. Therefore, you can achieve your dream aesthetic without compromising on style or the wow factor. 

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