How cool would it be to have a cosy footrest that also gives you a sneaky storage spot? With our footstools with storage, you can stash away blankets, board games, you name it! No more clutter lying around.

Magical Toy Box for Grown-Ups

You know those toy chests you had as a kid that opened up and could hold all your stuff inside? Well, these storage ottomans are the sophisticated grown-up version. Lift up that tufted top and boom - instant storage hideaway!

Goodbye Mess, Hello Minimalist Chic

Having a spot to quickly stash away spare throw pillows, magazines, controllers and other living room clutter does wonders for cutting down on mess. Your space instantly looks better pulled together.

The Perfect Movie Night Companion

Are you bingeing a new show? These storage ottomans are made for kicking back. Use the top as a footrest, then quickly grab snacks, blankets, or even board games from the hidden compartment whenever you need them. So clutch!

Ottoman Stools in Sleek Black: Style for Miles

There's something about a black ottoman that just oozes modern sophistication. These pieces are sure to be the chicest accent in any room!

The Goes-With-Anything Neutral

You can't go wrong with black furniture. It's the perfect neutral that blends seamlessly with any interior design look - from ultra-modern and minimalist to warm and cosy traditional vibes. An ottoman in black is decor versatility at its finest.

The Illusion of More Space

Here's a little design trick - pieces in darker tones tend to blur together visually, making a room feel more open and spacious. That's why black-coloured ottomans are such a smart choice for compact areas.

Unbelievably Chic Yet Kid-Friendly

Don't have a stark white living room? Black-coloured ottomans hide stains, smudges, and messes like nobody's business. They're stylish AND practical if you've got messy little ones running around.

Endlessly Customisable

At Footstools and More, we offer black-coloured ottomans in every size, shape, and fabric imaginable. Want a smooth leatherette square? A dramatically tufted velvet number? Or maybe a patterned showstopper? You can make it yours.

Long story short - our black ottomans and footstools with storage check all the boxes for fashion, function and versatility. Come browse our huge selection to find that perfect final touch for your living space!