When it comes to choosing a footstool for your home you have many different options here at Footstools & More. That’s because we have been making footstools for our customers for over 50 years. Not only that, but every order is hand made when that order is received. We don’t carry stocks. 

You can scroll through the hundreds of different designs that we have produced over the years until you find the one that you want. However, here’s the thing: you may see what resonates with you perfectly but there’s a slight problem. You don’t like the colour of the material. Or you’d rather it was velvet, or leather, or whatever. It’s not a problem because you tell us what you want, and we’ll make it to your requirements.

Not only that, but if we have not got the material you want available, then you can buy your own material, send it to us, and we’ll use that! So, if you see the perfect shape among our leather designs, for example, but you want a fabric footstool instead, then Bob’s your uncle! You see what we mean by the perfect footstool!

Keep The Things You Need To Hand Hidden Away

Maybe you are looking for a black ottoman. No problem. Do you want it in black leather (which is a very popular choice) or a fabric instead? You can have either. An ottoman is a great idea for many people, because if you choose a storage ottoman you can use it to keep all sorts of things that you need to hand hidden away instead of having them scattered all around the living room.

Things like the TV Times, your phone, the remote, your reading glasses, your knitting, box of chocolates, a half bottle of brandy and your brandy glasses, and anything else – they’re all right there when you need them in a storage ottoman, and out of the way at the same time.

You may want a drum footstool, a cube footstool, a pouffe, a small footstool, one big enough for two, rectangular, deep buttoned, shallow buttoned, not buttoned, long legs, short legs, no legs – you get the idea. Just take a scroll through all the many designs that we have, and you are sure to find the perfect answer. Whether it’s a fabric footstool, a bench footstool (perfect for the hallway because you can keep your wellies or walking shoes in it), or that black ottoman, we will make it for you.