What should an ideal living room look like -cosy, warm, sophisticated, luxurious, chic or exuberant? How about all of the above? Yes, a well-put-together living room can have nuanced aesthetics. Pairing different pieces of furniture like couches and armchairs with a fabric footstool can significantly elevate the decor. There are a few classic blends with which you can never go wrong. They suit traditional tastes as well as modern concepts.

Check out these four assortments during your next home makeover.

  1. Same to Same: This is a no-brainer and quite effective. If you are confused about the colour schemes, take the easy road. You can match the couch and the footstool. It is the simplest choice. However, you can also match the cushion colours with the footstool to add an edge.
  2. Chic Grey and Cool Navy: Irrespective of its reputation, grey is far from being dull and boring. Rather, it is a versatile colour that looks ebullient with vibrant blues, reds, and orange. A grey velvet couch and navy blue velvet footstool are the epitome of luxury and finesse. A classic corporate look, you can also use this interior decor inspiration in office lounges. You can take it up a notch by adding dark wooden finish legs. 
  3. Pastels and Polka Dots: As the pastel trend continues to rise, pastel-coloured couches are making their way into modern homes. The colour palette is often soothing and welcoming. To add some charm, pair these sofa sets with a woollen polka-dotted footstool. It is a quirky and fun idea if you love vibrant living rooms. Multi-coloured polka dots, when coupled with different pastel shades, add a burst of colour to the living room.
  4. Serene White and Warm Tan: The white couch and tan velvet footstool are a sophisticated and elegant combination. It is a restful and calming blend, perfect for minimalists. The tan velvet looks luxurious and warm. However, you may want to avoid this if there are kids in the house. You can replace the sofa set with a high-back white armchair in your home office or library.
  5. Plain and Prints: Sofa sets are usually single-coloured with no patterns, prints and minimal textures. A fabric footstool with printed upholstery adds glamour to the room. The symphony of plain, solid colours with vibrant and majestic prints is always breathtaking.

Take your pick from these ideas, or explore new ones and enjoy the aesthetic and utility appeals of footstools in your home or office.