Planning to redecorate your home for the festive season? Did you consider adding a leather footstool in your living room? Well, there are ample benefits of a footstool. From adding an extra seat to resting your weary legs, this versatile piece of furniture is perfect for all occasions. But most importantly, these footstools can be effortlessly styled with any decor. Additionally, you do not have to purchase a large sofa set. Instead, you can invest in small pieces of furniture to complete the decor. Here are some styling tips and ideas to add an oomph to your living rooms.

Colour Pop

Leather footstools are no longer restricted to browns, blacks, and whites. Now, there are ample colour and texture options. You can introduce a pop of colour to your modern living with these footstools. For instance, a yellow footstool will look exquisite against Azure or Lapis walls, curtains, lampshades and other blue elements.

Accent Addition

While monochrome living rooms look chic for a while, it is only a matter of time before they turn monotonous. Leather footstools can elevate the appeal of sophisticated minimally decorated rooms by adding an accent. But, you do not have to go berserk with the colour palette. Instead, stick to a theme. For a warm, neutral living room, introduce tan or ochre footstools.

Light & Dark

The most common yet effective way of styling leather footstools is by pairing them with the sofa set. Compliment dark brown or black sofas with cream or white footstools. Similarly, light-coloured couches will pair well with a tan and brown footstool. You can choose to create a striking contrast with the light and dark shades from the same colour groups.

Paint Experiment

You can also utilise the room's colour as a guide for selecting footstool. Accent walls are popular among modern interior decorators and homeowners alike. Balance the overall aesthetic of the room by placing a neutral colour footstool against a painted or textured wall. For instance, a sage green wall and a brown leather footstool is an elegant earthy combination.

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