Storage footstools take their usefulness one step further by offering discreet, accessible storage.

Benefits of Storage Footstools

More than just a stepped surface, these footstools offer many helpful benefits:

Space Saving Design

They open up to reveal impressive storage capacity inside. These compact storage solutions are perfect for making use of wasted space in small homes.

Concealed Clutter

Tidy up clutter fast by stashing it inside the footstool storage compartment. No more loose items strewn about the living room or piling up on closet floors. For small space dwellers or minimalists, the discreet storage is a godsend.

Seating and Storage

With two important uses rolled into one furniture piece, these footstools pull double-duty. They provide a handy seat for extra guests but also offer ample additional storage whenever you require it.


Unlike bulky cabinets or shelving units, most of these footstools weigh little and feature compact shapes. Feel free to move them from room to room or even outdoors if needed. Some options have embedded wheels to make transferring them even simpler.


Multifunctional furniture offers more bang for your buck. Rather than buying individual ottomans or storage boxes, these footstools with storage serve both purposes, condensing costs. Less furniture for your money means greater value.

Who Are Storage Footstools For?

Nearly anyone can benefit from owning one of these handy hybrid furniture pieces:

• Families with young children will appreciate having lots of concealed storage. Stash kid's toys inside at the end of the day for easy room cleanup.

• Those downsizing to smaller homes gain the dual benefits of seating and adding storage capacity. Make the most of the limited room to work with. 

• Renters often face space limitations. These footstools with storage allow leasing tenants to hold more belongings independently of apartment size. 

• Minimalists trying to pare down clutter adore the tidy, out-of-sight footstools that enable living with less. Reduce visible objects for a calmer aesthetic.

• The elderly or mobility challenged can use footstools to safely sit while changing shoes. The lift-up seat also means no struggling to reach low shelves or surfaces.

• Frequent movers will be grateful they invested in a lightweight portable storage piece able to transition easily between locations and hold belongings en route.

With so many styles and customisable configurations, footstools can be adapted to nearly any situation or lifestyle need. Visit Footstools & More today to discover the right storage footstool solution for your home. Tell us how you plan to use yours!