With all the technology that we have in the 21st century one might think that the average working day would be easier than a few years ago. But sadly, that is not the case. Many people have an hour (or more’s) commute to the office, factory, warehouse, or whatever, eight hours of hard graft, and then the commute back home. No wonder the old expression about getting home and putting your feet up is still as appropriate as it ever was.

But even when you get home there is more to do: cook dinner, walk the dog, feed the cats, bath the children, wash up the dinner things – it goes on. However, at some point – eventually – you can sit down and relax, turn on the TV, and – yay! – put your feet up! Provided, of course, that you have a footstool upon which to put them! Some families don’t.

If you are one of the latter, then it really is about time to invest in a footstool because the actual relief – both physically and mentally – of reclining back on the settee or armchair and raising your feet off the carpet has many benefits. When you relax like that, it almost instantly begins to remove stress. You unwind after that non-stop day.

So, yes, a footstool can have many health benefits. Where do you buy a footstool? Well, some stores will stock a few, but only a few. However, when you choose a footstool, it has to be of a pattern and design that you like. This is why, at Footstools & More, we offer almost unlimited choices.

We have many, many designs of our own. So, you might want a leather footstool which, for some people is perfect. Then again, you might want one in fabric. Even if it is a leather footstool, do you want a round one, a square one, an oblong one, one that is big enough for two, a wooden frame, a metal frame, an invisible frame? The choices we offer you cover almost every possible option.

Why Not A Storage Footstool?

Perhaps you’d like a storage footstool? This is a great idea. Basically, it is an empty box with a lid, so you can hide all sorts of things like magazines, the remote, your mobile, and anything else, out of the way so that they don’t clutter up the living room but are always to hand.

But what sort of storage footstool? Well, we have many designs, but here’s the best bit: if you don’t see exactly what you want you can design your own!

Yes. You tell us what you want – design, material, pattern, shape, size, and more – and our team of craftsmen will make it for you! Your very own footstool -exactly as you want it!