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Bespoke Footstools

We know it might be a bit daunting to create your own bespoke footstool but we're here to help. Your personal or bespoke design might be extravagant, complex, mad - or it might be as simple as different coloured buttons, or a slightly different size. We appreciate people's homes are unique so if our footstool sizes don't quite fit then don't compromise - let us make one that's right for you. We don't believe in charging you more money for the sake of it. If it genuinely costs us more money then we'll have to pass on the cost, but many changes such as size won't be much different to our 'stock sizes'.

Feel free to choose any footstool size, shape, fabric, leather, legs, buttons, frills, pleats or stitching you want. Let us know your ideas and if we think your barking mad we'll break it to you gently. If we think your on to a winner we'll be delighted to send you some samples of your ideas. Either way if you Contact us we'll be happy to give you a free quote, and offer any help or suggestions we think you might like.

Please use our bespoke form below to request a bespoke footstool quote. We can make most of our footstools any size, using any fabric from our website or a designer fabric.

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More ideas

  • Make use of a bay window with a specially sized or shaped footstool / window seat.

  • Create a large Coffee Table Stool to serve drinks, store your books, magazines, iPad and more.

  • Adapt an old, antique or restored piece of furniture that you've had in the family for generations or bought from a flea market yesterday!

  • Some homes are full of character and unusual little spaces - so make use of that spot under your stairs, or alcove in your dining room. We can make our footstools to fit whichever spot you have in mind!

  • Toy boxes for your children are a great way to make putting toys away fun!

  • What about an adult's bench stool, and a small version for your children to take off their wellies next to you in the hallway.

  • If you need somewhere to hide away your laptop or iPad when it's not in use a storage footstool is perfect.

  • If you've got a large bathroom, a beautiful footstool in the corner can be a comfortable way to sit and talk to your partner after a long day at work.

  • Matching his and hers footstools with storage at the bottom of the bed are very handy and could be used to sit at the dressing table too.

Free Samples


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