If you are looking to buy a leather footstool online in the UK, you can do no better than to search us at Footstools & More. This is partly because of the massive choice of different designs of footstools that we offer.

If you go into your local furniture store, in some cases they may have no footstools to show you at all, but even if they do, it will only be a small selection of footstools, so you really won’t have very much choice at all.

However, conversely, if you take a look at our website, you will see that we have a huge choice of hundreds of different designs from which to select!

On top of that, we also have a vast choice of different materials. Our leathers are available in several different colours, including cowhide in various patterns, and we also have Idaho leather available which is a fabric that looks like leather. If you decide that you want a different fabric, after all, we can link you to one of many different designer fabric suppliers and you can select a fabric from one of them which we will use to create your unique footstool. And if you want to supply your own fabric, we will use that instead.

You can even design your own bespoke footstool if you wish, and our expert craftsmen will make your footstool to that exact design. We understand that no two people’s homes are exactly the same, so even though we have a huge selection, it may be that you won’t find the exact footstool that you would like. It’s not a problem. You tell us what you want, and we’ll make it. We have been making footstools for 50 years now, so we have got quite good at it!

Many of our customers choose to have a storage footstool, because it makes a lot of sense to use the space that it takes up for storing all sorts of things like remotes, books, magazines, knitting patterns, kids’ junk toys, dog biscuits, a can or two of your favourite tipple and a couple of glasses, and much more. All of this is then to hand when you want it, and out of sight when you don’t, so you don’t get to clutter up the room.

So, for footstools – and more – don’t go to your local furniture store. Talk to us instead.