We make footstools in an almost endless choice of shapes, patterns, and designs at Footstools & More. Your footstool can have legs in a choice of different designs, such as tapered legs, turned legs, short legs, metal legs, with castors, without castors – the list goes on. Of course, many of our footstool designs don’t have any legs at all, but the choice is yours. Just about every footstool we produce is different from the last one because every customer has so many different options from which to choose.


Your footstool can also be covered in any sort of material that you wish including real leather, imitation leather, one of our own range of fabrics, or for that matter any fabric of your choice. You can look at all the designer fabrics we have available, or even send us your own.


All footstools can be buttoned or deep buttoned or can be plain if you prefer. They can also be square, round, or rectangular, and we even have a design that is hexagonal and another in the shape of a hashtag!


Footstools can have so many uses apart from the rather obvious one of being somewhere to rest your weary feet. Many people choose to have a storage footstool because there are so many things that it is convenient to have to hand in the sitting room or conservatory, but at the same time you don’t want them cluttering the place up. Think books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, your tablet or laptop, knitting, a chess set, Monopoly, playing cards, and more.


You can use your footstool as a small table – and many people do - where you can put down a tray with your coffee/tea/sherry/lemonade/bottle of Merlot and two glasses, and whatever else you wish. If you have a large serving tray, you can also play cards on it, put the chess board on it, or use it as a stand to hold your laptop or tablet. The list of uses is almost endless. 


Indeed, you can buy a large wooden serving tray in the UK from us at Footstools & More. It comes under the heading of “More”, along with headboards for your bed, and cushions which we also produce. Our serving trays are available in a square or rectangular design and can be in light or dark oak, wenge, charcoal, or black as you wish. Whatever suits your décor and your taste.