After a long hard day at the office, coming home after work with thousands of other commuters, cooking dinner for the kids, cooking dinner for your other half, then doing the washing up – after all, that there is nothing quite like relaxing on the settee and putting your feet up on a footstool. Whether you choose to watch TV, read a book, or try and get to grips with the latest twist in the ongoing and seemingly never-ending Brexit saga, at least you can do it in total comfort.

At Footstools & More we have literally hundreds of different combinations of fabric footstools, some buttoned, some deep buttoned, some plain, rectangular ones, square ones, ottomans which you can use for storage (CD’s, DVD’s, books, games, or anything else), and in a range of different sizes. Alternatively, you can choose your own size because we make every footstool individually when it is ordered so we can accommodate any size that you wish.

You also have a choice of different legs for your footstool, and the range of fabrics is almost limitless. Our large square coffee table footstools are a focal point in any room and useful for putting your coffee tray down on, or your laptop, dinner trays, books, magazines, and they might even get taken over as the ideal place for the cat to curl upon. You might not think that is ideal, but the cat may very well do. And, of course, if you keep a cat you will be only too aware that you do not own a cat – it’s the other way around.

As for fabrics, we keep a large stock ourselves, but we are only too well aware that there are thousands of more possible choices. We are very happy for you to browse our fabric range and ask for us to send you up to nine samples entirely free of charge so that you can get to see what they look like in your own home.

You can also click on the designer fabrics link and browse through a whole lot more that we can order for you. Another possibility is for you to choose and send your own fabric to us and we will create your footstool using that instead. Our job is to see to it that you get exactly what you want.