At Footstools & More we not only make footstools, but we make table footstools as well. What’s a table footstool? It’s a footstool. And it’s a table. And it can even be an ottoman as well – all rolled into one.

Let’s face it: after a hard day at the office you get home and you want something to put your feet up on for a half-hour while you read the paper which you didn’t have the time to do during the day or perhaps watch TV. Then you might have dinner and afterwards sit down on the sofa and chill out. You need a footstool to put your feet up again.

But come 10.30, you might want a nice cup of cocoa before going to bed, so you need a table on which to put the tray and now your footstool doubles as a table. Or you may want a large brandy or glass of wine – whatever takes your fancy: but you still need a table.

If you are a stay-at-home mum with two kids, you probably need a break for a half-hour at around 11.30 in the morning for your coffee, so you need a table to put the coffee tray on. Now if you are like most stay-at-home mums with two kids, the floor in the living room is probably littered with toys, and you need somewhere to keep all those when – eventually – you can get the kids off to bed, and so you need storage. If you have your table footstool designed so that it can be used as an ottoman as well, you now have somewhere to put all the junk – sorry - kids’ toys.

So, yes, our table footstools are extremely versatile. You can also use them as a games table if you are into playing cards, chess, or Monopoly, or example. They can be designed so that you have the top section for use as a table/footstool, and they can have a tray at the bottom where you can store DVD’s, CD’s, books, magazines, the Monopoly board, cigarettes – if you are a smoker – knitting patterns and wool, laptop, and just about anything else you can think of. We have no fewer than 146 different designs in-house from which you can select, or of course you can submit your own design and our clever carpenter will make that for you instead.

Our ottomans have no end of uses as well. Not only can you use them for storage in the lounge or the bedroom, as well as using them as footstools and seating when you have guests around, but they can be used for other purposes as well.

For instance, what about a hallway bench? Lots of homes don’t have very big hallways, and using an ottoman as a bench in the hall is very useful. For instance, when it has been raining and you need to get out and do some gardening, you can keep your wellies in the hallway bench. If you have a semi-detached or detached house, you can take them out of the bench, sit on it to pop them on, work in the front garden and/or the back garden, and then when you come back indoors you can slip the wellies off and pop them in the bench again. This has the great advantage that it saves you plonking through the kitchen in your muddy wellies, and you won’t get dirty looks from your partner – or worse!

You could keep all sorts of other things in a hallway bench, such as a pair of scissors for cutting flowers in the garden, shears to trim the hedge, hand trowel and fork so that you can do a bit of weeding, and more. Maybe you ride a motorbike: you could keep your helmet and gloves in there. Pop a couple of shopping bags in it so they’re handy when you go to the shops or the dog’s lead for when you go to the park.

Certainly, a hallway bench is of great benefit in all sorts of different ways because it saves space and stores all sorts of stuff that you need when you go out of the house. It also looks lovely as well.