At Footstools & More, one of the most popular footstools that we make is a storage ottoman footstool.


Because it makes a lot of sense. In the average home there are all sorts of things that we need to have to hand on a daily basis, and precisely what those things are will depend on the type of home – whether you have kids, a dog, a cat, your hobbies, your work, and other things besides. Perhaps you like a drink or like to smoke. Maybe you read books. You might buy the odd magazine every week or month.

You might like to have the TV Times to hand, or perhaps you have taken up knitting or crochet. You have a tablet. You like to play chess/Monopoly/card games, and so on.

Oh, and you like nothing better after a hard day’s work, whether that’s at the office or in the garden than to relax on the sofa with your feet up on a footstool and watch Corrie or Eastenders.

Now the simple fact is that, beautiful as our footstools are to look at, and as comfortable as they are for resting those weary feet, like any other piece of furniture they do take up a certain amount of space in the room.

Now our footstools are not solid lumps of wood. Whatever size and depth they are, they are like a box. They’re hollow inside. And our ottomans are basically a box, which instead of being something that simply takes up space are boxes with a lid on top. That means that you can open the box and put “stuff” in it!

Now, instead of the space being wasted, you can use it to de-clutter the living room of all the bits and bobs that you need to have to hand in and keep in the ottoman.

One of the most popular of these, especially in a contemporary household, is our black leather ottoman footstool. Apart from looking at the bee’s knees, this ottoman is absolutely ideal if you have a dog/cat/kid/kids because if something gets spilt on the leather it is simple to just wipe it off. It is not like a material that is going to stain if you spill something on it. Furthermore, it is dog and cat-scratch resistant. If you keep a cat, you will know how they have a tendency to stretch out their legs and more or less accidentally scratch as they pull them back again. Our leather ottomans are not easy to scratch, either.