There is nothing quite like a leather footstool. You know that smell of fresh leather when you step into your brand-new car with its’ leather seating? With one of our leather footstools you get the exact same thing in your own home. Talk about impressive. It will have your family and friends talking about it for months. They will think that you must have won the lottery or something.

The good news is that they don’t know that our leather footstools are not by any means expensive. You can have them covered in real leather or in faux, but in our view the real thing is the greatest. Our footstools can be made in one of many different designs, and they can be shallow buttoned, deep buttoned, or not buttoned at all, as you wish.

The good thing about leather footstools is that they can take a lot of punishment and just shake it off. If you accidentally spill a glass of your favourite Merlot on it, you can just wipe it off with a cloth and you’ll never know that it happened. It can take the children jumping up and down on it, the cat sleeping on it (the cat probably will sleep on it!), bums sitting on it when you have guests for dinner and not enough seats, and it will still look perfect.

It Can Have Legs Too

Your footstool can have legs if you wish and we have a wide choice including metal or wood, plain or turned, and you can have casters as well if you like.

Your footstool can also be an ottoman if you would like it to be. We always say that, since your footstool is going to take up some space, why not put that space to good use?You can use it for storing all sorts of bits and pieces that you need to hand in the living room, but that you want out of sight. It is the perfect place for getting rid of the kids’ toys when they have gone to bed, and you can at last get some peace and quiet.

Your leather choices are brown (the most popular), black, deep red, grey, white, black, mahogany, and more. We have cowhide in some beautiful colours.

All of our footstools are built by hand to order, and they use hardwood which is glued and screwed. They also come with a 2-year construction guarantee.