Things are looking up now that the pandemic is easing, and we are all looking forward to June 21st when – hopefully – the one metre rule and the rule of six will disappear. That means that we can hold a party, and all have some fun!

Parties. Remember those? That’s when lots of people come round and you have music and dancing, drinks, party food, and everyone has a great time. Of course, if you are like most families, you don’t have enough chairs for everyone to sit on, and this is one of the big benefits of our ottomans at Footstools & More. These are generally bigger than a footstool, and they can happily seat two or three adults when there is nothing else for them to sit on. We make certain that our ottomans are tough enough to take the weight.

If you have one of our ottomans covered in leather, of which we have a selection, they are also tough enough to deal with those spills that you tend to get at parties. Just a quick wipe over with a cloth, and your ottoman will suffer no damage at all.

Neither will anything inside it, so your books, DVDs, CDs, knitting, kids’ toys, and even a laptop or tablet will be perfectly safe.

You can also use one of our ottomans as a coffee or drinks table. You only need a large tray on which to keep all the drinks and glasses, and Bob’s your uncle.

At Footstools & More we make a range of different trays, and a large serving tray for an ottoman will do the job nicely.

Every tray that we make is hand made by our expert carpenter and then hand finished in a choice of different colours or wood finishes. Your serving tray can be either square or rectangular so that it fits in with the design of your ottoman and could be finished in black or charcoal, or you could have it made in wenge, which is a very strong wood from Africa, or from light or dark oak.

Of course, you don’t have to use your tray just at party time, because it can be put to all sorts of uses. For instance, you might just want to have a vase of flowers in the room, and they can happily sit on the tray on the ottoman. You can also use the tray for popping your laptop on, putting your wool and needles on when knitting, playing a game of cards or putting a chess board on – the uses are endless.