Some living rooms simply aren’t big enough to look pretty while also being able to store multiple household items like books, kids toys, and general household object.

Often, large items like sofas will take up most of the room and leave little in the way of practical storage. However, we’ve got a few great ideas for how you can make your living more storage-friendly without sacrificing its style and aesthetic appeal.

Use Every Surface Area

Instead of cramming all your candles, plants, pictures, books, and decorative objects on the coffee table, consider using other flat surfaces in the room. Windowsills, fireplace mantels and other surfaces that you generally don’t consider as "storage", can be a great place to keep things too.

By spreading things out throughout your space, you can make things look less cluttered than having one specific spot where you keep all your items.

Use Horizontal Storage Units

Think about ways to use your walls' height to make your living room feel larger and more organized. Tall shelves that extend to the ceiling are stylish and functional while hanging shelves or even hanging baskets that extend from the ceiling can be great places to put bits and bobs that will otherwise find themselves strewn across your living room.

Redesign Your Layout Furniture

Sometimes a home speaker system can be hidden behind a panel, or you can put your TV on the wall so it takes up less floor space. With some innovation, you could be able to tuck things away more neatly into spaces that are specially designed for them.

Hidden Storage

There is a lot of “dead space” in the home which would otherwise be used for storage. Consider sofas and footstools for instance. If you’re clever you can find storage footstools which double up as small cubbies, giving you access to hidden storage space that keeps clutter out of sight.

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