If you are a young couple with two kids under the age of five, over the last few weeks you will have been stuck at home with them running around under your feet because they haven’t been able to go to kindergarten, playschool, school, or whatever stage they are at, but have had to remain at home.

It has been worse for some people who have been furloughed because the breadwinner of the family has been forced to stay at home as well. Suddenly, life got very difficult – the kids under your feet, less income (despite the 80% from the government), family arguments – the list goes on.

Yes, it has all been very depressing, but unfortunately “it” happens. It is something which nobody alive today has ever had to cope with. Let us hope it all goes away and doesn’t happen again, although even that is not a “given”.

As parents, you can be forgiven for getting to the end of “yet another day” with the kids at home and feeling the desperate urge just to sit down after the evening meal and put your feet up. Yet so many couples don’t actually have anything in their homes that lets them do that. In many homes there just isn’t anything on which to rest your feet after a long day, even though there are almost limitless choices!

We are talking footstools! Yes, if you want to put your feet up you need to have something in the lounge on which to put them. It seems logical when you think about it, but so many people seem to have this vital piece of furniture missing. We spend ages choosing the right sofa, the right TV, the right curtains, the right coffee table (or in many instances, wine table), yet have nowhere to put our feet up and rest!

The answer is a footstool, and they come in a huge range of variations. At Footstools & More we give you every chance to select the perfect footstool for you, and in many cases that is an ottoman.

That’s a footstool that not only gives you somewhere to rest those weary feet but also gives you storage space. For example, a black ottoman can come with legs, feet, or no legs at all, and has a lid which opens. In effect, it is like a box, and in a box, you can store stuff – DVD’s, kids toys, books, even the odd bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape and a couple of wine glasses.

And yet an ottoman doesn’t look like a box, but like a pretty piece of furniture as well. How can you possibly manage without one?