One of the most popular footstool types that we produce at Footstools & More is the leather-finished footstool. There are so many advantages to using leather as a covering for a footstool that it is hard to know where to begin.

One of the great beauties, when you have a new leather footstool in your lounge is the smell. That scent of new leather is the same as you get when you buy a new car with leather seats, except that you get it inside your home. It is definitely something that will get your visitors talking when they come round to dinner or for a party.

Of course, another thing about leather is that it oozes luxury and quality. No, leather is not a cheap material, but you are only going to buy a footstool once when you choose leather because it will last and last. It can handle kids jumping up and down on it, the cat curling up and sleeping on it, feet relaxing on it (it is a footstool, after all), bums sitting on it when you have a party, you can use it as a coffee table, put your books on it, rest your laptop on it so that you can send emails, put a tray of coffee or tea on it, or use it with a tray to serve drinks on. The uses of a leather footstool are more or less endless.

Furthermore, our leather footstools can be created in any size or shape that you desire. So they can be round, square, rectangular, tall, short, with legs, without legs, and better still they can be created as ottomans so that you can store “stuff” in them. When you have kids around the home, it’s all very well them having their toys and games scattered around the living room. You don’t mind that during the day. But when it comes to bedtime and you want to watch Coronation Street or Emmerdale, or Eastenders, you don’t need all that junk lying around all evening. When you have one of our leather ottomans, it only takes a minute to pick it all up and chuck it in the ottoman and - bingo! – you have a tidy room for the evening. Not only that, it is all there for the kids to take out and mess up the room again in the morning.

The most popular colour that is chosen for our leather footstools is one of the various tones of brown that we offer. However, you may prefer a black leather footstool and we can do that as well, and also make them in red, white, grey, stone, mushroom, and a various assortment of cowhides.

Not only can you have a leather footstool made in one of a choice of different shapes and sizes, but you can have them with or without legs. If you choose to have them made with legs, we have a huge selection of different styles, and they can also be supplied with castors so that you can move the footstool about easily.