If you are considering buying a footstool and you live in a flat, you may have looked at some and decided they were too big. Quite a lot of people live in flats: in fact, about 20% of UK households do. That’s households, not individuals, so is actually about 13.5 million people. 

Some flats, of course, are quite large, especially if in a converted Victorian house or older. However, a lot of flats are small, and if that is the sort that you live in, you won’t have room for a huge sofa and armchairs. So, you may have given up on the idea of a footstool, even though you would love to be able to put your feet up after a hard day.

But have you considered buying a pouffe? At Footstools & More, we have no fewer than 82 different designs of pouffes, and a lot of them are small. Take our Camden range, for instance. These are drum pouffes that are just 15” in diameter, and about 18” high. They are absolutely perfect for a single pair of feet, and they take up very little space. So, you can have that footstool that you thought you hadn’t got room for after all!

There is also our Oxford range which are cube shaped pouffes measuring 16” x 16” x 16” so not very much bigger than the Camden. A little larger is the Spencer Short pouffe which is hexagonal, 19” x 19” and just 16” tall. 

A Storage Pouffe

Not only that, but if you live in a small flat, you can choose a storage pouffe. We all have bits and pieces which get scattered around the living room – TV remotes, magazines, papers, books, and so on. Now even though it is small, that pouffe is still going to take up a certain amount of space, so why not make use of the space? You simply have a pouffe with a lid on it. Then all that clutter can go in the pouffe so that it’s right there when you need it.

Of course, if you live in a larger flat, you might choose an ottoman instead. These are larger, of course, but a black ottoman will make a stand-out piece in your room, and if you have a long one, it can take two pairs of feet.

Your black ottoman in finest leather – or fabric if you prefer – can also have a lid and be used for storage.