When you order a footstool from the huge range that we produce at Footstools & More, you will obviously want something that is going to match or complement your room. Now the simple fact is that there are thousands and thousands of different fabrics on the market, and we only stock a relative handful of them, although in fact, when you count them, we do have quite a number!

Not only do we have fabrics, but we also have leather and Idaho which is a fabric that looks like leather! So, overall, we do give you quite a choice of fabric footstools and leather footstools. However, we quite understand if, after looking through our range, you just don’t happen to find that particular pattern and design that jumps out at you.

Not to worry: you can choose your own fabric and send it to us and we will make your footstool using that. It’s really easy to do. When you have chosen the style of footstool from our range you can first choose the size that you want. Next, you get to choose from our fabric range, and you can scroll through all the designs until you find what you want. When you don’t find what you want, there is also a link which says Supply Your Own. Click on that, and the first thing that you will see is a box which will tell you how much material is required to cover the particular design of footstool that you have chosen.

You will also see that the quantity quoted is approximate and is based on the fabric being no less than 137cm wide. It is also based on there being little or no pattern repeat. If there is, you will need a larger piece of fabric, but if in any doubt just give us a call and we will help you.

Purchase the fabric and mark it clearly with your name. If there is any doubt about which side of the fabric to use, please state that as well in order that we get it right. We will need a fire certificate from your fabric supplier to let us know the fabric is fire retardant. If this isn’t the case, we can still help you: just contact us for more details.

At Footstools & More, our aim is to produce the perfect footstool to meet your wishes and we will do anything that we can in order to help.