At Footstools & More we produce footstools by the hundred. We have an almost endless choice of designs, shapes, and materials from which to choose, and if that wasn’t enough, you can even select your own material and send it to us, and we will build your footstool using that.

Many people choose to have a leather footstool, particularly if they have children or pets because leather can take a lot of punishment from children jumping up and down on your footstool to the cat deciding to use it as a bed. And as you know if you keep a cat, you do not own a cat: it owns you. So if it chooses to sleep on your footstool, so be it. However, you can be sure of one thing and that is – cat or no cat – your leather footstool will stay shiny and look like new for years.

Another reason to choose a leather footstool is the sheer joy of the scent of the leather. When you buy a new car with leather seats, that scent will last for ages, and with a leather footstool, you get to bring that gorgeous smell into your home as well.

We find that a very popular choice is a black leather footstool in the UK, and we make these in a square shape, rectangular, drum, shallow buttoned, deep buttoned, plain, piped, and even a mix of material and leather. Some people like patterned sides to their footstool and just a leather top. You can also choose to have your footstool made with legs if you wish, and here we have quite a choice available as well. These can raise your footstool higher off the floor and are offered in sizes from 5” tall to 12”. They also come in a selection of different woods – light or dark oak, wenge, beech, mahogany – and are offered in a choice of tapered and angled designs.

Of course, we don’t just make our footstools in black leather. You might like yours in red, stone, mushroom, chocolate, dark brown, light brown, walnut, mahogany, or a range of different cowhides. Not only that, but we also offer a selection of Idaho fabrics which look like leather but are, indeed, a fabric.

So, yes, you have a huge choice of different options for your footstool. We will even make you a bespoke footstool to your own design if you wish.