One of the things that many people choose to buy from us at Footstools & More is a hallway bench. It can have so many possible uses.

Just to begin with, even though it is called a hallway bench, you don’t actually have to use it in the hallway. There is no legal requirement to do so! You might find it very useful in the living room where you have a bay window. It is ideal for sitting on and looking out of the window and watching the world go by. Or watching the birds come and go in your front garden.

Equally, if you are like some people, you may have a rear porch leading out into the back garden. This is a great place to store your wellies on the bottom shelf of the bench. So, you put them on when you go out to dig the veg plot and take them off in the porch on the way back into the kitchen. Ergo, you don’t get your muddy wellies all over the freshly mopped kitchen floor, which will keep the missus happy!

Alternatively, of course, you can always use it where you might say it belongs, and that is in the hallway. It can work in the same way as using it in the rear porch and is a vital piece of furniture if you have a dog, or dogs. Again, you can keep your wellies on the bottom shelf and put them on when you take the dog for a walk. Bearing in mind that you have to take the dog walkies, come rain or shine, you will often have wet and muddy wellies when you get back home. This is especially true if you have a park near at hand, or perhaps a riverbank.

A Bench With A Lid

You can also have a bench with a lid, so that you can keep the dog’s lead in there, along with his ball and perhaps some dog biscuits.

Some people also choose to use a large serving tray which can be popped on the hallway bench and then used to place a vase of flowers on when you are expecting visitors. When you are not using it for that, a large serving tray has umpteen other uses because you can use it for serving dinner (it’s a “serving” tray, after all) or you can use it for breakfast in bed, just as a couple of examples.