At Footstools & More, we are all about taking things easy and making things easy. When you have had a hard day at work, there is nothing quite like sitting down after dinner in a comfortable armchair or sofa, switching on the TV, and putting your feet up on a footstool, or in some cases a pouffe – pronounced “poof-ay”.

What’s the difference between a footstool and a pouffe? Well, a pouffe generally has no legs, or if it does, they are very small and often concealed behind material anyway. The word pouffe is derived from the French bouffer meaning to “puff” or “blow out”. It also refers to an elaborate style of female headdress. In dressmaking it referred in 1869 to a part of the dress gathered up in a bunch, and in 1884 also referred to over-stuffed cushions. So now you know. And when you look at our pouffes, you can see why they are so-called.

We make pouffes in a huge range of styles, many of them round that look like drums, but also square, hexagonal, and even one in the shape of a hashtag for the more “techie” of the population. They are also available in a huge choice of different materials, our designer leather pouffes being very much in demand. This is partly because they are very tolerant of abuse, so if you have dogs or cats – or worse still kids (!) - they can put up with it and are very easy indeed to wipe clean.

In addition, our pouffes can be made with a lid in a similar manner to an ottoman. Let’s face it, if you have the aforementioned cats/dogs/kids there are always toys and bits and pieces that you want to put away out of sight, especially if you have visitors drop by unexpectedly, and it’s great to be able to just pick them up and pop them away - the bits and pieces, not the kids – (although on second thoughts…………………!) so that your room looks perfect in seconds.

Your pouffe can also be made deep buttoned or shallow buttoned, can be buttoned on the top only, or all over. A pleated pouffe with Swarovski glass buttons can add a distinct air of class to your living room. Furthermore, if you cannot find the material that appeals to you from the huge selection we have available, we can make your pouffe using your own choice of material. Just contact us first so that we can advise you how much is required for your design.