At Footstools & More we are great believers in storage footstools. Certainly, the primary purpose of your footstool is to have somewhere to rest those weary feet when you get home from work or from a long walk in the countryside or after playing football all afternoon. And there is nothing better than that feeling that you get when you raise your feet up onto that footstool.


However, a footstool takes up a certain amount of space – that’s inevitable. So why not put that space to good use? In a sense your footstool is like an empty box, so why not put a lid on it, and then you can use that empty box to store all sorts of “stuff” that you need every day, or if not every day at least on a regular basis.


You can use a storage footstool to keep things such as DVDs, CDs, knitting, a laptop, a tablet, books, magazines, kids’ toys, a bottle of your favorite tipple and a couple of glasses, and anything else that you need to hand, and it is all tucked away out of sight until you need it.


Your storage footstool can also be used as seating when you have visitors and simply don’t have enough chairs. In fact, quite a lot of our customers buy a storage footstool for use in the bedroom, not to put their feet upon, but to sit on at the dressing table putting on makeup or having a shave while at the same time having somewhere to store sheets, pillowcases, and other bedroom items out of the way. It makes a lot of sense. 


Your footstool can be covered in anything that takes your fancy. We can use leather or Idaho, which is imitation leather, or any fabric from our own range that you choose. With us, you can also buy designer fabric footstools online by following a link on our Fabrics & Samples page. From there you can link through to one of more than three dozen designer fabric suppliers that we connect with and you can choose from the huge number of different fabrics that they have available between them.


All you need to do then is to email us a link to the fabric that you have selected, and we will be able to order the correct quantity for your footstool and, of course, quote you the price beforehand.