At the end of a long hard day at the office, and after having dinner, there is nothing quite so nice as relaxing on the sofa or in an armchair and putting your feet up on a footstool. Whether you watch the telly, read a book, listen to some music, pour another glass of vino, or just close your eyes and dream, it is one time you can relax.

Provided you’ve got the kids off to bed, of course!

But seriously, putting your feet up has been a saying for many, many years, and simply means exactly that. And of course, it is synonymous with relaxation. Footstools can be square, they can be rectangular, and they can even be round. When rectangular, they can also be quite long so that you and your partner can both put your feet up at the same time.

Some footstools have short legs while others don’t have legs and are just like a box sitting on the carpet. They can come in all sorts of different comfortable designs and in a huge choice of materials. You can choose from the vast selection of footstools that we have available for you to our own designs, or if you prefer, we will make you a footstool to your own design! Yes, we can make you a footstool in exactly the style, design, and fabric of your choice! Just click on the Bespoke Footstools link on our website.

Now here’s another thing that you should know about our footstools. When we said a lot of them are like a box, that’s exactly what we meant. They really are box-like, so why waste all that space when you could use it for storage? Yes, you can also have a footstool with storage where you can keep anything you like in it. CD’s, DVD’s, books, toys for the cat, a bottle of Merlot so that you don’t have to go out to the kitchen when you run short, just anything you like. Many of our footstools come with storage, and the top is hinged so that it simply lifts up so that you can grab whatever you need.