If you are like many people who have to go to work – and by that we mean physically get to an office, factory, or wherever it is – you will have the daily commute in order to get there and back. Yes, you may have spent the last year working from home some of the time, but we all know that it’s going to be back to the office for many of us.

This means that very often the commute is an hour or even longer, so by the time you get home in the evening, that makes it a ten-hour day and the only thing that you really want to do is to sit down, put your feet up, and have a cup of tea or whatever other tipple takes your fancy.

At that point, there is nothing quite like being able to put your feet up – quite literally – and for that you need a footstool. Now if you live alone, as many people do, you won’t need one of those great big rectangular footstools that can take two with comfort, so you just want a footstool for yourself. In this case, you might well choose a drum footstool, which is a round footstool and fairly small, or perhaps buy a round footstool with legs.

It rather depends how high you want to rest your feet, but our Boston short is a fairly small round footstool with legs, and the Capri One is even shorter, although somewhat wider, and is deep buttoned. Either of these footstools can be made in whatever type of material you choose, so you can select something that goes with the décor of your sitting room.

Another choice is our Imperial footstool which is a classic design with Queen Anne 6” chrome legs and a Swarovski glass button detail on the top.

Of course, if you wish, our drum and circular footstools – with or without legs - can all be made as storage footstools. Even though they are relatively small footstools, they still take up a certain amount of space, and we always think it is a good idea to put that space to use if you can.

So, you can use the footstool for keeping things such as the TV Times, remotes, a couple of magazines or books, use it as a sewing box, or even keep the G&T and a glass in there. The choice is yours.