You might think, if you are considering buying a footstool,that you are out there on your own. After all, footstools date back to the dark ages, don’t they?

Well, yes to some extent that’s true. Some go back to the Ottoman Empire, hence why some footstools are referred to as ottomans, but believe it or not, footstools today are as popular as they ever were. If you stop to think about it, it is logical. We all spend a lot of time on our feet every day, and there comes a point where you just want to sit down with a nice mug of tea / glass of chardonnay / large Glenfiddich and put your feet up. And you can’t do that without a footstool!

Now, footstools come in a wide range of designs and sizes. There are big ones, small ones, middle of the road ones, tall ones, short ones, rectangular ones, square ones, round ones – heck, we even make one in the shape of a hashtag, for heaven’s sake! In fact, when it comes to design it would probably be true to say that we have never made two footstools exactly the same in the 50 years we have been trading. There are so many different shapes and sizes, and when you add all the different material choices that we offer, the mind boggles.

It Depends What You Want

So, it depends what you want from a footstool. You might choose a small pouffe which is ideal for one person to put their feet up on. A pouffe doesn’t take up a lot of space, so is perfect if you live alone in a small flat.

Then again, you might want a storage footstool. We have said many times that even a small footstool takes up a certain amount of space. It is not a solid object, but more like a box, so there is empty space inside it. It is therefore logical that if you give the top of the footstool a pair of hinges and turn it into a lid, you then have a box which you can access and store things in. Hence why it is called a storage footstool.

It is absolutely perfect for keeping all those things that you need to hand in the living room – tv remote, cd’s dvd’s, a pair of glasses so that you can see the tv, and so on. Your room looks tidy and yet everything is to hand – and of course your feet!