When it comes to writing about footstools everybody (including us) seems to talk about how wonderful it is to come home and put your feet up after a hard day at work. That’s true: it is wonderful to do that, but there are also plenty of other times that it is great to put your feet up.

For instance, you might have spent all day digging the garden getting the veg patch ready for planting in the Spring – and that’s a lot harder, physically, than working in an office. You could have been out walking the dog for a couple of hours. You might have been redecorating the lounge, painting and wallpapering, in which case you are going to have to sit in the kitchen or the bedroom and take your footstool with you until the paint dries.

And it’s not just footstools either. Many of our customers come to us to buy a pouffe. What’s a pouffe? Well, OK, it’s a type of footstool, but generally quite small and often drum shaped, although it doesn’t have to be. They can be square. They can be hexagonal. We even make one in the shape of a hashtag: how very 2022 can you get?

The word “pouffe” is derived from the French “bouffer” which means to puff or to blow out. If you think about it, we often use the term “pouf” when talking about blowing out a candle, or about someone who suddenly disappeared: “Pouf, he was gone. Just like that.”


They Don’t Take Up A Lot Of Space

One advantage of having a pouffe is that you don’t have to share it with anyone. It is quite small, so it just has enough room for one pair of feet. Not only that, but our pouffes do not take up much room in your lounge, as do some of our larger footstools such as the ottomans and the long rectangular ones.

They also make ideal things to sit on, so if you have a sudden influx of family and you don’t have enough seating, your pouffe can come in very handy.

Not only that, but we can make your pouffe for you with a lid if you wish. That means that it can be very useful for parking a few bits and pieces in the living room that you really need to hand, but don’t want cluttering the place up. Just pop them in your pouffe and put your feet up.