At Footstools & More, one of the designs that we make is a pouffe footstool in the UK. A pouffe is a type of footstool that generally comes without legs and can come in various sizes, but quite often they are small and round and ideal for one person to put his or her feet upon. They can also be used as a single seat when you have a party.

We have no less than 82 different designs from which you can choose the perfect pouffe for you, but if you don’t see one that you like, that is not a problem either, because we will simply build you one to your own design.

A number of our pouffes are of circular drum stool design and are quite tall. However, we also make pouffes in a cube shape or hexagonal as in our Spencer Tall Pouffe and Spencer Short Pouffe, and even the hashtag design, which is for the contemporary home and can become something of a talking point when you have guests around.

Something such as our Milan Large Buttoned Cube design is a great footstool for those weary legs and doubles perfectly as a stand for your laptop or bookrest. Indeed, many of our customers are opting for a deep buttoned pouffe, and we can produce a pleated pouffe using Swarovski crystal buttons which adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to an elegant drawing-room.

Your pouffe can be created using any one of our wide range of different fabrics or leathers, including Idaho, velvets, wools, plains, and so on. Furthermore, you might wish to choose a designer fabric from one of our selection of designer fabric suppliers such as Katie Mosa, Designers Guild, Modelli Fabrics, House of Hackney, Mark Alexander, and many more. And if all that is not enough, you can supply your own choice of fabric and we will use that. Just let us know which design of pouffe you want, and we will tell you how much fabric is needed to cover it.

In addition, you may wish to have a storage pouffe. We always think that a storage pouffe or footstool is a great idea because while it takes up a certain amount of space if you have a pouffe with a lid on it you can use that space to great advantage to keep all sort of items that you need to hand out of sight until you need them.