At Footstools & More we don’t only make footstools. We also make cushions, and headboards, and serving trays, as these are all things that you need around the home. We are all about comfort and being practical.

Let’s face it: you not only want a footstool to put your feet up on, but you need a couple of cushions as well. Some people like a cushion behind their back to support it, while others like to lay back and put their head on a cushion while they are watching the TV.

A super headboard for your bed can really revitalise your bedroom. Many people like to have a buttoned headboard as it adds elegance and breaks up the appearance of what is otherwise a large flat area, albeit in a pretty material and colour. We also have our Archie model which has vertical stripes and is another way of breaking up a flat headboard.

In addition, we make a range of serving trays. These are hand-crafted by our expert carpenter, and they can be either square or oblong as you choose. A large serving tray has an almost limitless number of uses.

First, you can use it for – well – serving! When you have people round to dinner, you need a serving tray to bring the food into the dining room, and you also need to bring in the plates for each course. When a course is finished, you need a serving tray to take away the dishes, plates, and cutlery to the kitchen for washing up.

Coffee And Brandy

Of course, you also need a serving tray to serve the drinks on. If people are having a brandy with their coffee after dinner, you need to bring in the glasses, and the brandy of course, and take away the wine glasses or beer glasses or whatever.

Of course, you may all retire to the living room after dinner and have the coffee and brandies in there instead.

But a serving tray has many other uses as well. Plonk it down on your footstool and you can pop your laptop on it and do whatever you do when you go online. You can use it to play cards on, or something like Monopoly. You can put a vase of flowers on it to brighten up the room. There are endless uses.

Our serving trays are available in light oak, dark oak, wenge, black, or charcoal, so there is one that will go with your décor.