At Footstools & More we make a lot “more” than just footstools. Oh yes, we do make a very large number of footstools: just take a look through all the different patterns and designs and the vast range of different materials that we have available.

But we also make headboards for your bed, cushions in many different patterns, and serving trays which have many different uses. Our serving trays are made using only the finest solid oak timber sides and a high quality oak laminate base, so they are built to last. Each tray is crafted individually by our carpenter and then hand painted in a range of different colours or wood finishes.

You can have your serving tray either square or rectangular, and they can be in your choice of size so that they will fit your footstool perfectly. Our standard finishes are charcoal, black, wenge, dark oak, or light oak, but you can also have them finished in any Farrow & Ball colour that you wish in order to match your décor and/or your footstool.

If you have an ottoman, you would probably be best off choosing a rectangular ottoman tray for the perfect fit. A serving tray has so many different uses, not the least of which is that you can serve up your coffee or tea on it.

Of course, you can also use it to pour out other drinks on, such as your G & T before dinner or your brandy and soda afterwards. A bottle of wine can come in handy on many occasions as well. Naturally, you can also use your serving tray for serving up food for your guests when you invite them round for dinner.

Many Other Uses

However, an ottoman serving tray has many other uses as well. For instance, if you play cards, you can use it to play cards on, and when you have finished just pop the cards back into the ottoman. It is also the perfect place to put your laptop while you are working on it or when you are playing games online.

It is surprising how many people still knit. You wouldn’t think that men do that, but the diver Tom Daley does exactly that when he wants to chill out, and he no doubt uses a tray on his footstool to put all the wools on. 

So, an ottoman tray can have a lot more uses than you might think.