At Footstools & More we don’t just make footstools and ottomans. That’s why we are called Footstools & MORE!

Now, of course, we produce a vast range of footstools and ottomans in just about any fabric, colour, and design – flat, buttoned, deep-buttoned, and so on – and if we haven’t got enough different materials and colours for you, you can purchase some, send them into us, and we will make your footstool or ottoman using your own choice of material.

Now obviously, your footstool or ottoman is all about comfort. After a hard day at the office, or perhaps, with the lockdown, a hard day digging the garden, you want to be able to relax, sit down after dinner, watch TV or maybe read a book, and above all put your feet up. You deserve a rest, and putting your feet up is the perfect way to help achieve that.

Many of our customers choose one of our deeper footstools or ottomans with a lid because they can use them to store all sorts of things that might otherwise clutter the living room, such as children’s toys. They are also useful for storing books, CD’s, DVD’s, and the odd bottle or three of wine, brandy, or whatever your favourite tipple is, together with a couple of glasses. That means that when you have put your feet up for a rest, you don’t have to get up and head off to the kitchen or wherever to get the glasses and drinks.

Another thing that our footstools and ottomans are used for quite a lot is to put down a tray of drinks brought in from the kitchen such as a pot of tea and teacups when visitors pop round. We thought of that too. This is why our expert craftsmen also make wooden serving trays. (They come under the heading of “more”).

You can have a large serving tray or a small one, as they come in different sizes to fit your footstool or ottoman, and they can be square or rectangular – again to fit the footstool. They also come in a choice of light oak, dark oak, wenge, black, and charcoal. Just click on the “Trays” link at the top of the page to make your choice.