One of the beauties of a leather footstool is the scent. You know that smell you get when you buy a new car with leather seats? Well, with one of our leather footstools you get that same scent in your living room – or bedroom, conservatory, or wherever else you place it. It’s genuine, real leather.


Not only do our leather footstools give you that incredible scent, but they are also extremely hard-wearing. This is perfect if you have kids bouncing up and down on them and – worse – spilling things. With real leather, you simply wipe off a spill and it will be none the worse for wear. 


If you are not so keen on real leather, perhaps you would like your footstool covered in Idaho instead. This is a distressed, antique look, mock-hide with a pleasingly soft hand. Idaho is available in a palette of 12 rich colors, including warm naturals, greys, and red. But you don’t get the scent of leather with it.


As the foremost leather footstool store online in the UK, at Footstools & More we craft every footstool by hand and to order. Certainly, we show you hundreds of designs on our website, and we have made everyone here in our workshop, but we don’t stock very many footstools at all. You simply place your order, and we get to work to build your footstool for you. All of our footstools are built from hardwood and glued and screwed, and the quality is without comparison. Indeed, every footstool comes with a 2-year guarantee of construction.


Of course, you may prefer to have your footstool covered in a fabric, and we have plenty to choose from. Just click on the Fabrics & Samples link and you will see that you have options. First and foremost, you can choose up to nine different fabrics from our range and we will send you some samples so that you can see what they look like in your own home.


Second, you can click on the Designer Fabrics link and this will take you to a page from where you can link through to the ever-increasing number of designer fabric suppliers that we can source fabric from. Just email us a link to the designer and fabric of your choice, and we will get back to you with prices and so on.


Alternatively, you can choose your own fabric and send it to us, and we will use that. Your footstool will be made to your personal design and requirements.