If you are looking for footstool table stools in the UK, Footstools & More is the right place to be. At the moment, we have a choice of 146 different designs of table footstools – and that is just the design choices. Add to that the huge range of different fabrics and leathers that we offer, and you will begin to see why we probably actually never make two table footstools that are identical. Then there is also a choice of legs – tall ones, short ones, angled ones, tapered ones, in a range of different woods or metals. We know that our customers have their own ideas when it comes to a table footstool, so we ensure that you have many choices so that you finish up with the perfect table footstool for your home.

Many people like the design of table footstool that has long legs with a tray or shelf at the bottom because it is so useful for storing all sorts of different things on it. The top part acts as your coffee table and also your footstool. Yes – you can actually put your weary feet up on it! But of course, you can also use it to prop up your book when you are reading it, plonk your laptop down on it, put your knitting on it, put a tray on it to hold a couple of glasses and a bottle of your favourite chateau vino. That is so much easier than having to get up and go to the kitchen when you want another glass because it is right there to hand.

Yet another idea that catches a lot of peoples’ fancy is to use your table footstool as a deep storage footstool. So you can have it made with a hinged top that opens up and provides you with a considerable amount of storage space. Useful for cards and board games, the laptop, books, knitting, cat toys, kid toys – especially the kids’ toys. When it’s bedtime you can just gather everything up off the floor and chuck it all into the table footstool storage space, so your living room becomes your own once more.

Oh, and of course, you can use your table footstool as a seat as well. That is absolutely perfect when you have a party (if we are ever allowed to hold those again) and you simply don’t have enough chairs for all the guests.