At Footstools & More, the footstools that we produce have several different uses. One of them is that they can be used as a footstool – surprise, surprise!

Yes, after a long hard day, there is nothing like slumping down into your armchair or the sofa and putting your feet up. Let’s face it: “putting your feet up” is a phrase that means taking it easy and relaxing, and that is quite literally what happens. Not only that, but putting your feet up is good for your circulation too, so there is actually a medical side benefit to it as well. So that is one very big advantage to owning a footstool.

However, there are more. You can use one of our footstools as a coffee table as well. It’s the ideal height for placing a tray with your coffee on it for when you are relaxing in an armchair. In addition to that, you can pop a tray on to one of our footstools and use it to hold your laptop, use a bookrest so that you can read a book, put a vase of flowers on it when it is not being used as a footstool – the possibilities are endless.

But there’s more. We have to admit that a footstool does take up a certain amount of space in the room, and how much space will depend on how large your footstool is. So why not make use of that space?

A footstool is, after all, somewhat like an empty box, so why not have the “box” fitted with a lid? Then it becomes – to use the technical term – an ottoman. And you can use an ottoman for storing all sorts of things which will keep them to hand and at the same time tidy up your living room.

Many people like an ottoman finished in leather, so you could have a large black ottoman in the UK in leather, although it doesn’t have to be leather but could equally be wool or velvet if you prefer.

What can you keep in an ottoman? The answer is virtually anything that you choose. Many people who have kids get them down at night, and then all that they have to do is to pick up all the toys that are scattered all over the floor and chuck them in the ottoman. Job is done!
Then you can relax and put your feet up in calm and tidy surroundings. What could be better?