If you are thinking about ordering a new footstool for your home, then now is the perfect time, because at Footstools & More we have got our Spring Sale on! Yes, you can get an extra 5% off any of the huge choice of footstools that we make.

Of course, a footstool doesn’t have to be for yourself. It can make a fabulous gift for your son or daughter when they get their feet on the housing ladder and move into their own home. Great! They move out. You get more peace and quiet. And you can show your appreciation with a footstool!

Every footstool that we make uses only the very finest timber so that whichever design you choose, it can be used as extra seating if you have a party or guests round to dinner, which we can now do once more. A small footstool will obviously only seat one individual, but a large black ottoman in leather – or any other material - can seat up to three.

Other Benefits

In fact, a large black ottoman has other benefits, especially if you have kids or pets. Or you are just downright careless. Spill a glass of red wine on a leather ottoman, and you can just wipe it off and the ottoman will come up smiling. (You might not be smiling if you have just lost a glass of expensive Merlot!). It can put up with cats sleeping on it, kids jumping up and down on it, and more.

You can also use a large ottoman as a coffee table if you wish. Just buy a large serving tray from our range, pop it on to the ottoman, and – hey presto! – you have got a coffee table.

You can use a large serving tray on your ottoman – or on any other footstool for that matter, for all sorts of other things too. For instance, you can pop your laptop on it and chat with family and friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can put your knitting on it. (Yes, a lot of people, women mostly, still do knitting, but if you invite the diver Tom Daley around for dinner, he may want to bring his knitting with him).   

A footstool and serving tray combination also make an ideal place on which to put a vase of flowers. Those spring flowers such as hyacinths, tulips, iris, stocks, and so on are in bloom right now, and make a wonderful display in your living room.