We offer a wide choice of pouffes at Footstools & More: in fact, we have some 82 different designs. Generally speaking, a pouffe does not have legs and is relatively small compared to some of the larger designs of ottomans that we make. This makes them a perfect choice for someone who wants something on which to put their feet up on after a hard day at the office but doesn’t have a lot of space in the room, such as in a small flat for instance.

Fun fact: pouffe is derived from the French word bouffer which means to puff. Another spelling of pouffe is pouffe which refers to a certain hairstyle of the 1700s. The word is also used in phrases like “It was gone in a pouffe” meaning like a puff of air. People also pronounce it differently, as in poof and poofay.

Our pouffes can be fairly plain and simply such as the Oxford Cube footstool which has the same dimensions of width and height, or can be a much more outstanding design such as the Brixton Buttoned, which is circular and deep buttoned all over and looks stunning in a plain coloured velvet. That pouffe is available in either 30” diameter or 40”. Alternatively, you could have it finished in leather or Idaho. We use only the finest quality leathers for our pouffes, and these are available in various shades of browns, red, white, and black. We can also make them using Idaho fabric which is a leather-look material in a choice of different colours.

We also produce pouffes in a drum shape which can be either tall or short, and we make hexagonal ones as well. Camden is a tall drum shape with a brass base which gives it an air of elegance. While most of our pouffes do not have legs, the Bakerloo is a short cube style pouffe which does have very short legs on it, and you can select the style that you want from our wide range of legs. The short, tapered style legs would work well on this, but you could as easily use the short square legs instead.

Of course, our pouffes are ideal as an extra seat when guests pop round for a chat or a coffee, and you can also use them as a stand on which to put a drinks tray, rest your laptop, put your book down on when heading for the kitchen to make a cup of tea, keep your knitting pattern on, and lots more as well.

Many of our pouffes come with a lid which can either be just a drop-on lid or can be hinged. This makes them ideal for storage of all sorts of things such as CD’s, DVD’s, the cat’s ball, books, or even a bottle of Merlot and a couple of wine glasses for when you fancy that odd tipple. That saves having to go to the kitchen when you want to put your feet up and take it easy.