At Footstools & More, our footstools come in all shapes and sizes and can perform so many different functions. Many people think of footstools as just something on which to rest your feet at the end of a hard day, and it is true that they are just that. This is great if you are grandparents and have been lumbered with a couple of three and four-year-olds for the whole of Saturday while mum and dad went shopping. It’s just what you need.

But you can do so much more with our footstools. You can use them as seating, which is ideal for all those occasions when you have more people than you have chairs. Let’s face it, most of us only have a sofa and a couple of armchairs, and you might also have a dining table and four dining chairs as well, but even so, that is only seating for nine people. If you have a table footstool you can seat another couple of people on that as well.

You can buy a table footstool online in the UK from us and we have a wide choice of different designs. At the moment, we have no less than 146 different designs, so there is quite a choice. Generally speaking, our table footstools are fairly low. Some of them are similar to an ottoman, but many of them have legs, and quite a number have a storage tray at the base which is perfect for popping all those things that you want to hand but don’t want scattered around the room. Furthermore, when you buy your table footstool from us you can design your own if you wish.

That means that you could select one of our designs and then change it around, so it might be deep buttoned, but you want it plain, or the other way around. The one that you like might be leather covered, but you prefer a plain velvet. No problem.

Maybe you would like your table footstool to be a bit wider or longer than our design, or maybe you would prefer it a little shorter. As for materials, we have a huge, and we do mean huge, selection. But you are by no means limited to that. You can take a stroll through our list of designers and see what materials they have to offer, and we will purchase and use that.

If you wish, you can even buy and send us your own material. Just contact us so that we can let you know how much material will be needed for your table footstool.