It’s true! Lots of people like to have a big footstool because it can also double as a coffee table, games table, extra seating, and a whole lot more. But that’s fine if you have a big sitting room and plenty of space. However, what if you don’t? We don’t all live in a castle or baronial hall. Sometimes we just need to put our feet up, and that’s it.
If you have a job such as being a teacher, for instance, you are on your feet all day long, except for the odd few minutes in the staff room, although we appreciate that for the last few months many teachers have not actually been in school. But all that has just changed as schools re-open, so it’s back to the grind again. And when you are on your feet all day long, there is nothing like getting home at the end of the day and taking the weight off your feet by putting them up on a footstool while you enjoy a well-earned glass of vino.
You might not be a teacher. You could work in a factory and still be on your feet all day. Or you might work in a retail shop. There are many jobs where you have to stand from the moment you get to work to the moment you leave – apart from a quick break for lunch – and when you finally get home through the rush hour, you really do need that rest for a bit before you start preparing dinner, putting the kids to bed, or whatever else you have to do.
But if you don’t have a large home with big rooms you may only have room for a small footstool. Let’s face it, all you need to do is put your feet up on it, and your feet are not all that big.
This is why we not only make very large footstools at Footstools & More, but also small footstools for people who – well – only need a small footstool!
In fact, we have a huge range of different designs from which you can choose. Just to give you an idea, we have a choice of no less than 72 different leg designs – turned, short, tapered, legs with castors, metal legs, legs with brass fittings, Queen Anne style, and more.
As for materials, say no more! We have a vast choice of different materials, so there is bound to be something that you love, but if you search through all the materials that we offer – including leather – and don’t find something that suits you, then you can buy your own material and send it to us and we will use that.
Our small footstools are not really suitable for putting your chess board on, or your drinks tray, but they are absolutely perfect for behaving as a footstool should, and that is so that you can put your feet up and take it easy.