More and more couples are deciding that they want a footstool – or a footstool each – these days because they have so many uses. Certainly, they are called footstools because one of their functions is to provide you with somewhere to rest your weary feet after a hard day at work, or even after a hard afternoon playing football with the lads, or spending all day on your feet working as a volunteer in the charity shop.

But that is only one of their many possible uses. They can be used as a spare seat for guests at a party, a place to set your laptop or read a book. You can use it to play Monopoly on – or any other game. You can pop a tray on top of it and place a vase of flowers on it. You can place your drinks tray and bottle(s) on it (saves having to get up and go to the kitchen for a top-up). There is no end to the possible uses.

Then there is the fact that, if you choose the right design, you can use it for storage of just about anything you wish. Kids toys. Knitting wools. The laptop. More of your favourite tipple. A chess set. The Monopoly Board. Dog biscuits. Your cigars. Books. The possibilities are endless.

In fact, about the only problem you have is deciding on what is the right sort of footstool for you. Many of our customers at Footstools & More like footstools finished in leather because they are so hardwearing, and this is especially useful if you have dogs, cats, or even worse – kids. They can happily withstand kids jumping up and down on them which – to be fair – could damage some softer materials, even if it is only to make them dirty. Leather footstools only need a wipe over and will look brand new again.

Of course, we can make small and large leather footstools, but which is the right one for you? Or the right two? Well, it depends. Do you want a large one which two of you can use, or do you want one each, in which case two small ones would suit? If you sit on a sofa, a large one could be good, but if you each have your own separate armchairs then the better solution would be two small ones.

We make leather footstools in a choice of many different leathers or Idaho fabric which simulates leather. If you need any advice, feel free to give us a call.