If you didn’t know already, ottoman’s make for a great alternative to coffee tables. When paired with a nice looking tray to sit on top, they become great statement pieces in the living room and also function as a place where you can put your coffee, magazines, flowers and more.

An ottoman and coffee table are two different types of furniture, but having both can take up too much room in your home, especially if you suffer from a lack of space or already have too many items cluttering up your space.

We explore the benefits of each one to help you choose the right piece of furniture for your home. And if you want to take a look at some great ottoman options for the home, take a look at our full online collection at Footstools and More.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a living room classic. It is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that offers plenty of storage space for books, magazines, remotes, and even drinks and snacks.

If you have a small child, it can sometimes be used as a platform to place their food, or a surface for them to play or draw on. More advantages of choosing a coffee table include:

  • They are very easy to clean as they are made of hard materials
  • They work well with most living room styles
  • Coffee tables are incredibly sturdy and remove the fear of drinks or snacks being knocked over
  • It offers a more conservative and formal appearance to the home interior
  • High-quality coffee tables will all last for a very long time
  • Coffee tables with thinner legs will allow spaces to seem more light and open


This type of furniture is low to the ground and can be used as a footrest or makeshift coffee table if you place a sturdy tray on the top to hold all items steady.

It is great for people who want to have a less conservative and more lavish space, where amazing fabrics can be matched with other items in the living room. More benefits include:

  • Ottomans can appear more unique and interesting compared to standard coffee tables.
  • Specific designs and upholstery can be used to complement the rest of your interior design scheme
  • Hidden storage inside large ottomans make it incredibly easy to clean up your living room and keep clutter out of sight
  • They can be used as extra seating if you run out of chairs!
  • Ottomans are multifunctional. They can serve as a coffee table while coffee tables cannot serve as ottomans