A footstool is the perfect piece of furniture for resting and taking it easy when you get home after a hard day at the office, or even a hard day working from home. When you want to sit back and relax, there is nothing better than putting your feet up and taking it easy. It is also physically good for you. When you sit for long periods, your circulation slows down, but using a footstool will help to promote circulation.

Certainly, it takes up some space in the room, and just how much space will depend on the size of a footstool that you choose. So why not make more use of all that space by using one of our fabric storage footstools in the UK? Have your footstool fitted with a lid, and you can store all sorts of “stuff” in there. DVDs, books, newspapers, TV Times, knitting wools and needles, CDs, a chess set, monopoly board, kids’ toys, and even a bottle or two of your favourite vino and a couple of glasses. Heck, if you are a crafter and make cushions, for instance, you could even keep your fabrics in one of our fabric storage footstools!

They don’t have to be fabric, either. Many customers do, indeed, choose a storage footstool covered in one of our huge choice of different fabrics, but you could also have a storage footstool finished in leather. A leather storage footstool not only looks really smart but is very easy to keep clean, even if it suffers from a spill. If you spill, say, red wine, on a fabric, it is going to be difficult to clean, but on leather, you can just wipe it off with a cloth. Leather can also take no end of punishment from kids jumping up and down on it, or pets using it as a sleeping place when you are not using it to rest your feet, and still come up bright and shiny.

If you need even more storage space, why not consider one of our larger storage ottomans? They make great children's toy boxes and we can fit them with childproof hinges so that the lid closes slowly and won’t drop down on small fingers. Our storage ottomans are also extremely strong and ideal for use as extra seating when you have guests around and simply do not have enough extra chairs.