There are so many uses for a storage footstool or an ottoman. At Footstools & More, we should know because we have no fewer than 59 different designs of ottomans from a large ottoman to a small one, ottomans with legs, without legs, legs with casters so you can wheel it about, oval ottomans, square ottomans, round ottomans, you name it. And if that isn’t enough designs from which to choose, we will even make your ottoman to your own design and using your own fabric as well if you wish.

One of the most obvious uses for your ottoman is as a footstool on which to put your feet up and relax at the end of a long day in the office, or what is probably an even longer day looking after a couple of young kids. And yet it is more than a footstool because you just flip up the lid and now you have a storage box in which you can keep all sorts of things.

There are always things that you want to hand when you sit down in the living room – books, magazines, remotes for the TV, perhaps a magnifying glass, your laptop, tablet, and so on. You might also want to keep a bottle of your favourite tipple and a couple of glasses to hand: it saves having to get up and go out to the kitchen when the ads come on in the interval.

Add A Tray And Make It Into A Coffee Table

Then you might want to buy one of our range of trays which can be square or rectangular, and are available in dark oak, light oak, wenge, black or charcoal. Pop one of those on top of your ottoman and now you have a coffee table. You can also use it to put your laptop on so that you can go online and chat on Facebook or Twitter, and you could just use it for a Facetime chat with family and friends. It is also very handy for holding a vase of flowers.

You can also use an ottoman to put at the end of your bed. It’s the perfect place for sitting down and putting on socks and shoes, and you can use it for storage of clothes and other things that you need in the bedroom.

Our ottomans are also perfect for using as extra seating on those frustrating occasions when you have more guests than you do seating. If you don’t want to use it as a footstool, you can slide it away under a table or shelving, and just bring it out when you need it.