One of the reasons we called our company Footstools & More is that we make “more” than just footstools. We also make cushions, serving trays, and headboards for your single, double, king size, super king size, or even emperor size bed. No matter how big or small your bed is, we can craft you a headboard for it in a choice of a multitude of different fabrics.

Furthermore, our headboards can be plain, shallow buttoned, deep buttoned, or vertical, and they can be short or tall, as you wish. As for cushions, we have a choice of fabrics that is huge. You can have cushions in velvet, Italian velvet, omega prints, patterned, wool, easy clean plain, contemporary, and leather and Idaho as well.

Our ottoman trays in the UK come in a choice of sizes and are made of light oak, dark oak, wenge, black, or charcoal. They can be square or rectangular as you choose and made in different sizes to fit your ottoman or other one of our footstools that you have chosen. If you are not happy with our choice of wood or colours, then you can choose from any Farrow & Ball colour, and we will make your tray in that. So, it can be blue, pink, green, yellow, or pretty much any other colour that fits with your décor. Every one of our ottoman trays is handmade by our expert craftsmen, so you can be sure they will last you a lifetime.

There are just so many different uses for ottoman trays. Quite obviously, they can be used to serve your tea or coffee on. They can also be used at parties to serve a range of different drinks to your guests. You can use them to bring dishes to the table when you are having dinner and take them away again after the meal. They are the perfect thing that you need on those (probably rare) occasions that you have breakfast in bed.

But you can also use ottoman trays in so many other ways as well, other than just serving food or drinks. So, you can pop them on your ottoman or other footstool and use them to support your laptop when you want to work or play online games. You can prop up your tablet and use it for Face Time with family and friends. You can use it for placing a vase of flowers safely on your ottoman. You can use it for playing cards or a game of chess. And no doubt, when you stop to think about it, there are many more things that you can use a tray for as well.