When you are choosing a footstool from the huge range of different designs that we produce at Footstools & More, it is easy to forget that a footstool doesn’t have to be simply something that you put your feet up on at the end of a long day. Our footstools can be much more than that and serve multiple purposes.

One example of this is our footstool table which is not only a footstool but a coffee table as well. The uses for this are limited only by your imagination. Of course, when we say “coffee table” we are referring only to a low table that you can have next to your sofa or armchair. Nobody says that you are only allowed to use it for coffee. You can also use it for parking that glass of Chardonnay, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple of whisky tumblers, a glass of after-dinner port, or just lemonade with ice if you prefer.

Not only that, but if you choose something from our Hamilton or Burlington designs of table footstools that are framed, then you have a footstool and coffee table which also has a shelf at the bottom for storage of all sorts of thing such as DVD’s, CD’s, books, your knitting, a laptop, a pair of slippers, a camera, kids toys – the list goes on.

Then, of course, you can always use your coffee table footstool as extra seating for guests when you have a party, although it may be some time before you can do that again.

You can also use one of our table footstools for storage of things out of sight, as they can be made in the same way as our ottomans, so you have what is in effect a large box with hinged lid. We have no less than 146 table footstool designs, but if you cannot find exactly what you want from all that lot, we will make you a table footstool to your own design. You can choose your own material, buy it, and send it to us and we will use that, or if you prefer, you can ask us to send you some samples of our different fabrics so that you can see them in your own home and how well the colours or patterns fit in with your living space.

Just click on the Fabrics & Samples link at the top of any page and choose what you would like to have a look at. We will send you up to nine samples entirely free of charge.