At Footstools & More, our footstools can do a lot more for you than being simply somewhere to rest your feet. OK, of course you can use them to rest your feet on, and some of the designs of smaller footstools allow you to do just that and only that. Furthermore, the smaller footstools will only have room for one pair of feet. This is perfect if you live alone or you have a small living room.

However, the larger footstools such as our ottomans can let you do a lot more. To begin with, a large ottoman can take more than one pair of feet. This is ideal if you and your other half both want to sit on the sofa and rest easy. In fact, on the longer ottomans you can probably get three pairs of feet!


But you can also use a large ottoman for storage. Fit a lid on the top instead of having it fixed and now you have somewhere to store all those items that you actually need to hand but don’t want all over the place. But you know what we mean. There are so many things that you can hide away in a storage ottoman such as a laptop, your phone, remotes, knitting, the papers, magazines, books, and so on. You can even keep a bottle of your favourite Merlot or Chardonnay and a couple of glasses in there (but don’t tell anyone we told you that).  

You can also use your ottoman for keeping the kids’ toys in. Off they go to bed, and it will only take you 60 seconds to pick up all that stuff and hide it away. Some of our storage ottomans can also be fitted with child-proof hinges so that the lid closes slowly and safely.

But you can do more. If you buy a large serving tray you can put it on top of the ottoman and then rest your laptop on it while you’re away the hours on Facebook. You can use it as a coffee table and put your coffee cups on it. You can also use it as a wine table for the aforementioned.

In addition, with a large serving tray on the ottoman, you can place a glorious vase of flowers on it to brighten up the room.