Many people do not realise the amazing number of possible things that you can do with a footstool. Because of the name, they think that a footstool is for putting your feet up on after a hard day at the office, and of course they would be right. You can do exactly that with a footstool.

However, if you choose wisely, you can do so much more with a footstool, especially if you go for one of the larger types such as an ottoman footstool.

An ottoman footstool is basically a very large box with a lid, covered in a pretty material that is designed to complement the décor of your room. It can be plain, piped, shallow buttoned, deep buttoned, and can come in a huge different variety of fabrics including real leather or faux leather.

Deep Or Shallow: Your Choice

Your ottoman can be a deep box or a shallow one, depending upon your own preference. If you opt for one of the larger designs that we have available (there are nearly 60 in all) then there is room for the feet of at least two people, and often three at a pinch if you are having a party or family over to dinner.

Most importantly, with an ottoman you have a ton of storage space. If you are like most people, you have all sorts of things that you need in the living room to be to hand, and yet because there can be so many of them, they can clutter up the space. Yes, you need your remote. You may need the TV Times. You may need CDs and DVDs to hand so that you have something to watch when the live TV programmes get so dire halfway through the evening. Indeed, Christmas is a perfect example of that, with repeat after repeat after repeat because, so it seems, the channels cannot be bothered to produce something new and exciting.

You can keep a laptop in an ottoman, so you can check your emails and write them as well. Sure, you can write emails on your phone, but for many of us the laptop is so much easier to use.

And of course, at Christmas time when the kids have unwrapped umpteen different presents and there is paper and toys all over the floor, you can pick up the paper and bin it, and then when the kids have gone down you can just chuck everything in the ottoman.

Peace at last!