At Footstools & More we make an almost never-ending range of different footstools. In fact, we have so many different designs that it is fair to say that we hardly ever make two footstools or ottomans that are exactly the same. Even if you choose exactly the same footstool as another customer did yesterday, you almost certainly won’t choose the same fabric. They may have selected velvet while you want leather. You may want your footstool deep buttoned where the other customer had theirs shallow buttoned, or perhaps with no buttons at all.

So, it goes on. We are totally flexible, so that means that you can have your footstool crafted in exactly the way that you wish.

Very many of our customers choose to have a storage footstool. Footstools take up a certain amount of room anyway, so why not make use of that space? If you have a hinged lid to your footstool, you suddenly have a large box that you can use to put things in that you need to hand but you don’t want all over the place because it makes the room look untidy.

Many Customers Choose An Ottoman

A lot of customers choose to have an ottoman. This provides sufficient space for two people to put their feet up on and gives you storage space at the same time. So that is a definite advantage as opposed to having two separate footstools – one for each of you.

Quite a number of customers like a black ottoman using either leather or Idaho. This gives your ottoman a very sleek, classy look, and it has a big advantage: it is very easy to clean.

For example.if you spill some red wine on some fabrics, it can be a real issue cleaning them, but when you use black or brown leather, any spills just wipe off with no problem at all. So that is a real bonus when you have young kids in the home. It is also useful if you have dogs or cats, because the little monsters sometimes decide to use your ottoman as a scratching post, and leather will tolerate that a lot better than velvet or wool.

Your ottoman can come with a wide choice of different legs. We have tapered legs, turned legs, tall legs, short legs, metal legs, and you can also have legs with castors on making it easy to move them around. Or you may want no legs at all: the choice is yours.