Here is something interesting that we have discovered at Footstools & More. Many of our new customers have never had or owned a footstool before. But they went to a friend’s house for dinner, or popped round for a coffee, or to watch the football on TV on a Saturday afternoon, and the friend did, indeed, own a footstool or two.

It was only after putting their feet up on a footstool and finding just how comfortable and relaxing it is that they began to wonder why they had never thought of buying one for themselves. They asked the friend where they could get one of their own, and lo and behold – we have a new customer! Thank you very much, friend – whoever you are!

So, if you are a potential new customer and this is your first visit to our website, you probably have some questions to ask about footstools. Just to begin with, you have probably noticed that we have hundreds of different designs of footstools, so what’s the difference?

Different Functions

Well, you can have footstools that have different functions, and they can be of many different sizes and shapes. It rather depends upon where you want to use your footstool and what functions you want it to perform. So, for instance, you may just want a footstool for one person - yourself – in which case a small square or drum footstool will do perfectly. However, if you have a partner, you probably both want to put your feet up, so a longer rectangular one would serve that purpose.

Of course, you have a massive choice of different materials for the covering, so you can choose something to match your décor or to stand out and look different.

You might also want to use your footstool for storage. We have always said that a footstool does take up a certain amount of space, so why not make use of the space by having a footstool with storage? A footstool with storage can be used for all sorts of different things. Often called an ottoman, it simply has a hinged lid, and then you can make use of the space inside.

A hallway bench is another very useful idea. When you go out to walk the dog in the rain or the kids have been playing in a muddy park, a hallway bench allows you to sit down and take off those wellies and put them on the bottom shelf. That stops them from tramping mud all over the house!